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 Birthday Party Awards 2009

Birthday PartiesBirthday Cakes
Multiple Locations
Gold: Safeway Bakery
Silver: Costco Bakery
Bronze: Cold Stone Creamery
Honorable Mentions: Baskin Robbins, Oliver’s Market, G & G Market, Whole Foods

Birthday Cakes
Single Locations
Gold: Michelle Marie’s Patisserie
Silver: Aunt B’s Bakery
Silver: Cavalerie’s Bakery
Bronze: Cousteaux’s Bakery

Bronze: Sifts Cupcakery
Honorable Mentions: Occasional Cakes, Lola’s Bakery, Pasteles Fiesta

Jump House Company
Gold: Jubilee Jump
Silver: Jumpin Jacks
Bronze: Party Jump

Honorable Mentions: Kid’s Party Central

Party Location (other than home)
Gold: Pump it Up
Silver: Kid’s Party Central
Bronze: My Gym
Bronze: Princess Rose

Bronze: Howarth Park
Bronze: University of Sports
Honorable Mentions: The Funky Monkey, Chuck E Cheese's

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