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Come to the iLearn Fair

with Family Life Magazine this Saturday FREE Admission!


FREE Admission

Saturday 25 January, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, 10:00-3:00



Don't miss this Special Day of 


inspired family fun

Explore all your options for the best education in one easy day! Visit with staff and get all your questions answered at this one-and-only countywide School and Afterschool Open House! Researching schools? This is the easy way to get  all your 'homework.'  

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Over 45 Schools Represented

  • 11 High schools
  • 34 Elementary schools
  • 5 Homeschools/Independent Study Choices
  • 6 Charter schools
  • 35 Public schools
  • 8 Private Schools
  • 6 Faith Based schools

Over 21 Amazing After-school and Enrichment Opportunities

  • Dance
  • Karate
  • Singing
  • Making
  • Radios
  • Science
  • Art

Plus 25 Local Family Experts, Professionals and Providers

Now you can browse through an incredible showcase of fun and learning, educational and enrichment opportunities, and community resources. Check out schools that might be a perfect fit!

Look Who's Coming!

See the iLearn blog for a sneak peek at all the fun!

Join the iLearn facebook page & invite your friends!

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Plus New! Hands on learning activites from the experts!

  • How to Facepaint like a Pro! PoPo will be there to coach you through your masterpiece: bring 1 willing-to-try adult, and one tolerant child. No artistic skills required!
  • Learn how to Morse Code your Name.
  • Discover How Radio's Work.

Ready to Sign-up for Sports, Afterschool Fun? Tutoring?

Everyone's looking for that special spark that ignites their student's passion for learning! Whether it's the best school or afterschool program, inspiring artistic or athletic opportunities, or a captivating new hobby or interest. This is the best resource fair for families featuring all kinds of learning and inspiration!

Everything's in one place—one day only. Meet teachers and coaches, see performances and demonstrations too. All the best programs for you to discover. Try new hands on activites and learn something brand new!


Find the Perfect Fit! 

  • Preview Schools, Preschools, College

  • Public, Private, Charter & Homeschool

  • Explore Enrichment, Afterschool Arts, Lessons & Tutoring

  • Everything fit for Family Life!

Look Who's Coming!


Would you like to exhibit at the iLearn Fair? Click here for information.

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