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Family-Life Fall Festival & Santa Rosa Mini Maker Faire

On Saturday 19 October, thousands of guests arrived at Family-Life Fall Festival and Santa Rosa Mini Maker Faire to enjoy an amazing collection of DIY projects, tech, robots, art. Enjoy this video of some of the fun and exhibits!

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Sonoma Family Life Magazine presented a wonderful celebration of fall, harvest, halloween fun, creativity, crafters, hackers, and the spirit of Making!  

Fall Festival
Everyone loves October celebrations. Our Fall Festival is the largest October Fall Halloween and Harvest Festival! From children dreaming of great pumpkins, to grown-ups enjoying dress-up, everyone was ready to enjoy the harvest bounty, and making something crafty or delicious, or just decorating to the nines, (or lucky 13’s!). Explore spooky fun, delight in the year’s harvest, or create something new and learn to DIY your October. 

Look Who Came

Santa Rosa Mini Maker Faire
Our Mini Maker Faire offered an exciting showcase and an interactive explosion of creativity, tech, art and more! Discover and celebrate the growing Maker Movement and thriving community of local Makers. Robots to art cars, tech to textiles, and the Swap-O-Rama-Rama. Thousands arrived ready to meet inspiring makers that share their passion: mechanical things, computers, robots, food making, homesteading skills, textiles, art cars and more! Learn a new skill at DIY workshops from soldering to sewing to scarecrow creations.  

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Fall Festival & SR Mini Maker Faire 2013




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