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Family Expo & Camp Fair 

Friday 11 April 2014

What to Do About Summer?

Discover great ideas and activies for your children to do for the Summer time. Plus enjoy in the great food, wonderful performers and exciting activities.


Get ready to plan for the best summer ever!  Looking for kid adventures? Family Excursions? Meet the experts behind the summer of fun and learning! This  unique one-of-a-kind opportunity lets parents get their questions answered in one Friday evening. Discover local and sleep-over camps, activites and summer programs, trips, fun and travel. Plus get a jump on fall and gather the information you need for a smooth back-to-school, pre-school and after-school. Over 30 Summer camps are represented!

Plus you can find local family-friendly companies also on hand to share their expertise too! These experts and professionals can help you get more done, and save time for summer fun: from home, cars, and everything else a family household might need.

See who is coming to this year's Family Expo & Camp Fair. You can get in contact with them here:

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Would you like to exhibit at the iLearn Fair? Click here for information.

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