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Bridge Haven School

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768 E Cotati Ave    Cotati, CA 94931
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Welcome to Bridge Haven School
Our students enjoy a program with daily opportunities to explore and learn. The curriculum includes physical education, foreign language, visual and performing arts, technology in addition to language arts, mathematics, social studies and science.

Core subjects integrate a balanced literacy program that includes a writer’s workshop methodology emphasizing the writing process. The reading program incorporates phonics and shared/guided reading practice with small group instruction. This enables children to move through reading levels at their own pace. The mathematics program uses a spiraled approached; skills taught are sequential and progressive, and students build on concepts previously taught.

Keeping in mind the important benchmarks of childhood development, the learning environment combines enrichment and support. Differentiated instruction is the core of our lower school philosophy, and children are continually assessed to ensure their academic and social needs are met. Assessment informs and ultimately drives the curriculum. Most importantly, days in the Lower School are filled with friends, learning and fun!

We are currently accepting K-4 at our Lower School site in Cotati. Please call 707-812-7227 for more information.
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