Keep ’Em Cool in the Pool - a guide to summer swimming in Sonoma County. Read more


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Kids with special needs thrive at camp! Read more

Special Needs 1 Comments

123 options for planning an awesome summer! Read more

Summer Camp Fair

One of the great luxuries of my teaching career was spending summertime with my children. My kids took field trips as part of their everyday lives, spending the lazy days of summer in museums as often as swimming pools. But as my children grew . . . Read more


Don’t miss this easy and quick way to find great ideas for BIG FUN as well as learning for your kids this summer. Join us on Friday, March 31st at the Coddingtown Mall! Read more

Camp Fair

Make your own cardboard car for a summer drive-in party in your driveway! Read more


A variety of artists & adepts from around Sonoma County will take the stage on April 12 at our 2019 Family Expo & Camp Fair. These performances showcased local talent & the wide range of family-friendly skills to explore this summer! Read more

Summer Camp Fair

Woman saves Earth by bursting into flames. Read more


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Worried your child might be homesick when he goes away to camp? Not sure what to do if your child wants to come home early? Here are some great tips for parents to help encourage independence and handle homesickness! Read more


From head to toe, six things every child should pack when going to summer camp. Read more


When campers return home from camp, parents can help them keep building their summer skills throughout the year. Chores are often a great teaching opportunity at home, for example. Read more


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Those who camp know; food tastes better in the great outdoors. Bring those flavors home with these easy, fun recipes sure to please everyone. Read more


Kids love nothing better than cooling off in the water on a hot summer day. But refreshing fun can quickly turn to disaster if safety precautions aren’t followed. Read more


Mendocino County’s wild, windswept beaches are among the most spectacular in the world. Read more


It's the best time of year to get outside with family, but it's also important to keep your family safe from the effects of summer heat. Read more



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