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Will Sign Language Make Your Baby Smarter?

When you and your toddler feel frustrated because she doesn't have the verbal skills to tell you what she wants, try using sign language.

More and more families, deaf and hearing, are teaching their children sign language. American Sign Language is the fourth most used language in America. Research has shown that babies as young as 6 months old can learn to use basic sign language to communicate.

The deaf community already knew that teaching babies American Sign Language improves their language learning skills. Infants and toddlers who can communicate their needs get less frustrated. The more signs they use, the easier they are to understand, the smoother day-to-day functions are. In addition to short-term benefits, children who learn sign language as infants tend to have larger vocabularies when they get older, and higher IQs.

Look for reading material and videos on this subject at books stores and online.