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Sonoma Family Life Magazine

Notes from the North Pole

Nov 27, 2007 12:00AM

Creating a Sense of Magic

Santa shares a few of his magical secrets and suggestions for creating a very Merry Christmas.

Be prepared for Santa to make a bit of a mess while he quickly drops off presents. A few cookie crumbs may be scattered on the cookie plate or a few damp leaves may get tracked from the fireplace to the Christmas tree. Sometimes he even drops a white glove!

Leave a carrot for those hard-working reindeer to munch on. The next morning, look for pieces of carrot on the front lawn that look shredded, because the reindeer can be messy too!

The big presents are often displayed unwrapped by the tree, but smaller presents and stocking stuffers usually come wrapped in a distinctive “Santa” wrap.

Occasionally, Santa will leave a letter for your children. You can tell it’s from the Big Guy by the return address (Castle-by-the-Stars, North Pole, Alaska 99705).

Write a thank you note to Santa and leave it under the tree the day after Christmas. He often makes a pass thru to make sure everything is working right, and he brings his receipts in case you need them. (The note makes a great keepsake for later!)

Write down the kids’ favorite parts of the holiday and tuck it into the box of ornaments for a fun surprise for next year, and beyond.

Great Gifts for Children With Special Needs

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

Here are some little items you can find at the grocery store, dollar store, or big box stores while shopping for other things:

  • School or office supplies (gel pens, small calculators, fun colored paper clips)
  • Calendars (personalize one at Costco for only $10!)
  • Disposable cameras & flashlights
  • Arts & crafts supplies (paints, clay, glitter, glue, colored pencils, erasers)
  • Bubble bath & soaps
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste (especially fun characters/flavors)
  • Hair accessories (combs, brushes, headbands, barrettes, gel)
  • Sunglasses & jewelry
  • Specialty goodies (caviar, spicy mustards, oysters, exotic spices)
  • Kitchen equipment (towels, utensils, magnets, chip clips)
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Tea/cocoa/flavored coffees
  • Oranges
  • Chocolates & candy canes
  • Puzzles or books of crosswords, sudoku or hide-a-word
  • Books & bookmarks
  • Games & cards
  • Journals, notebooks & special pens
  • Small cars, dinosaurs, animals & dolls