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Sonoma Family Life Magazine

Countdown to Christmas

Dec 04, 2007 12:00AM

December 1st–8th

  • Create an advent tradition by bringing out a holiday video, CD, or activity for each day leading up to Christmas.
  • Have the kids complete their Santa letters and wish lists (so you have good tips for relatives!)
  • Simplify your life! Try crock pot dishes, casseroles, or pastas that can be made in advance and frozen for convenience.
  • Check your stash of stocking stuffers and gifts and make a note of what you still need to buy. (For some ideas, check out our Notes from the North Pole!)
  • Set aside some time each day to wrap what you have accumulated. Note on your lists where things are hidden/stashed. Also make a note of which items need batteries or assembly.
  • Mail presents that need to get to far-flung relatives. Add a photo of the family before you seal the box as a special bonus.

December 9th–15th

  • This is a great week to set up the tree. Be sure to keep it watered if it is a cut tree.
  • Get the kids involved in wrapping gifts for their teachers.
  • Baking and delivering of goodies.
  • Plan a family drive to look for fun Christmas lights and decorations. Play holiday music and let the kids wear their pajamas and eat Christmas cookies on the ride, then come home to hot chocolate!

December 16th–22nd

  • Stock up on last-minute snack/appetizers for unexpected drop-in guests.
  • Stock up on film and any batteries that the new goodies are going to need on Christmas Day.
  • Check on your special holiday dinnerware or buy disposable.
  • Plan the holiday meal. Make a list of each dish and what you’ll need, and stock up.
  • Assemble the gifts that need putting together and hide at a friend’s if need be.

December 23rd–29th

  • Put together dishes that can be assembled ahead of time. Buy last minute fresh ingredients for the special meal.
  • If your kids are going berserk with all the excitement, let them open one gift on Christmas Eve. (New pajamas for Christmas Eve make for great photos the next morning!)
  • Set out Santa’s snack by the stockings. Santa also loves a picture or letter from the kids. (Hint: see Notes from the North Pole for ideas on creating a sense of magic for your children!)
  • Celebrate Christmas! Remember to take lots of pictures!

December 30th–31st

  • Toast to a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
  • Pick up January's issue to get great tips for starting those health and organization resolutions.