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Sonoma Family Life Magazine

Family Life National Design/Editorial Awards 2008

Mar 06, 2008 12:00AM

Family-Life Magazines: Editorial/Design Awards


Silver: 2008 - "Dr. Lorna Catford"

  • The PPA stated, "Those who read this story will understand the power of family."

Bronze: 2006 - "Surviving the Tsunami"

News Feature

Bronze: 2008 - "The Truth About Staph Infections"

  • "This one is ripped from the headlines - what to do about the galloping advance of killer staph bacteria. This article is an important public service for families."

Front Cover - Glossy

Silver: 2008 - July 2007 "Annual Baby Issue"

  • This beautiful cover of a baby peeking out from under her soft blanket is summed up by the PPA in four words: "The eyes have it."

Bronze: 2007 - October 2006 "Halloween Issue"

Best Overall Use of Photography

Bronze: 2007 - October 2006 "Halloween Issue"