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Five Benefits to Consider Before a Trade Show

Sep 12, 2008 12:00AM

Having your own booth at a show puts you face-to-face with crowds of qualified interested attendees. They’re spending their time looking for products and services before they purchase, and they want to meet you. Exhibiting at trade shows is an important part of any marketing mix because you can benefit in so many ways. So...

...How Many of These Five Exhibitor Benefits Do You Want?

1. Connect with new customers, reconnect with returning customers.

For an exhibitor, these attendees are a great source of new leads and even immediate sales. 22% of sales and marketing executives say trade shows are the top-producer of leads among all their marketing programs. Sometimes there is no substitute for a warm smile, a handshake and a shared fun experience.

2. Introduce your brand and new products or programs.

Industry trade shows can be one of the most cost-effective means for getting your name, products, or services in front of a large audience of your targeted audience. A study conducted by Exhibit Surveys shows that more than 80% of attendees at trade shows have the ability to influence buying decisions, and more than 50% of attendees make a purchase as a result of attending a show.

With local family-friendly shows parents are embarking on the biggest spending spree of their lives, and by attending they are putting their tremendous social networks within your grasp. Show attendees who like what they see are more likely to become passionate advocates for your business, recommending it to others.

3. Network!

Buying and selling isn't all that you can do at trade shows, either. Smart exhibitors recognize this as an opportunity to network with other exhibitors, develop relationships with new vendors and distributors, form strategic alliances, and meet industry and community leaders. Good exhibitors enjoy the entire experience, and it shows in their results!

4. Research.

Doing a booth will make you a better marketer. Why? You put out your most enticing message in what you display and what you say. Then you get to test that message, face to face, with a targeted audience. That is the easiest way to gauge response, and this is some of the most priceless research for your future marketing and success. As you identify the best way to say it in person, keep track of it. You can use this to improve your advertising messages, too.

5. Enhance visibility within the community.

The sense of community that develops at a fair or expo can’t be overstated. This is a gathering of friends and family sharing this extraordinary exciting time in their live, and you want your business to be part of the celebration and fun. Exhibiting at trade shows and expos is the best way to demonstrate that you’re part of this community.