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Trim Down at Thanksgiving?!

Ah, the holidays are officially are upon us—again! Can you feel yourself gaining weight from the decadent feasts and tempting desserts already? Here are some tricks to help indulge without the bulge.

Start Early

Start cutting back about a week before. You’ll be able to eat a little more without worrying about it. But don’t starve yourself, or you’ll be sure to overeat. Instead, have a piece of fruit, a small salad or a cup of low-fat yogurt before leaving home on Thanksgiving.

Slow Down

Don’t jump into the snacks the second you get there. Relax, have a glass of water before hitting the party platter.

Pile it on Your Plate

You will eat a lot less if you use a plate instead of picking. Fill three-quarters of your plate with chopped fresh vegetables and fruit, reserving the main quarter for anything you want, whether or not it’s low in fat. Same goes for supper time. Remember, you’re not obligated to eat everything on your plate. And think twice before you go back for more.

Every Second Counts

If you’re eating a traditional, high-fat Thanksgiving meal, beware of seconds. Another helping of mashed potatoes (110 calories), a slice of turkey breast (120), and a narrow sliver of pecan pie (215) doesn’t seem like much. But do your math. It adds up quickly. Try waiting at least 20 minutes before loading up on seconds. Enjoy a cup of tea or have a glass of water, the desire may pass with time.