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Thankful Kids This Thanksgiving

What to Say on Turkey Day: 12 Perfect Ways to Help Your Kids Be More Thankful This Thanksgiving

The biggest meal of the year is just days away, and it’s likely your stress level is rising as you rush to pull together a day of family togetherness and lasting memories. And at the end of the day, after all the work and worry that go into creating a day to be thankful, you can be left feeling anything but. Perhaps this year you are faced with a tight budget and a big family and kids who seem ungrateful. Or maybe you are frustrated with family members who always seem to say the wrong thing. If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution for putting the thanks back in your Thanksgiving this year, then author Maureen Healy has just the book for you.

Read on for a sampling of 12 sayings that will make your Turkey Day the most thankful one yet:

Fill your thanks banks!

Say “THANK YOU” for all that comes to you such as the sunny day, smelly dog, and chance to play. What will you fill your thanks banks with today?


Say “THANK YOU” for this day. It is a gift to you in every way. Thank God for things BIG such as the sun, moon, and everyone. Thank GOD for things SMALL like a tadpole, fish, and flowering wish. The more thanks you GIVE, the more JOY you live.

Life Loves Me.

“Life loves me” stated Louise Hay. Those are powerful words to lift you up. Repeat them now and anytime! Best. Parents are doing their best! Sometimes they need to rest. Days are long and sometimes they sing a ho-hum song. So smile their way and help them today.


As you adore something—you allow more! So adore your day and be grateful in every way. Smile at the surprises. Be thankful for the bumps. Everything gets you over the humps.

Seeing the Best.

Others have bumps, bruises, and moles on the outside. Often their best qualities hide inside. Like a platypus that looks funny with a silly nose. But when you get to know one he is really sweet, kind, and a treat. So have fun looking for the inner platypus in everyone!

Positive & Strong.

Be positive and strong with your Self. Say “All is Well” as you go about your day focusing on school and play. It’s really swell to be HAPPY and RESPONSIBLE in all you do for me, and you.


Happiness grows when you help others. The more you think of SOMEONE else the happier you feel. Soon you realize your little problems go away. And happy feelings come to stay.

Thank you.

“Thank you” are two very important words! It not only shows an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE but grows a happy and great-full heart. Thank away today.


Being thankful and feeling grateful is APPRECIATION. And the more you appreciate others and thank them—the more great people just magically show up. Who are you thankful for today?

Rainy Days.

You wake up and it’s raining. You wish there would be sun. But inside you can make indoor fun. Like video games, reading, puzzles, painting, or learning about something incredible like the Pyramids in Egypt. Enjoy making the best of whatever weather comes your way today!

“My life has been a series of opportunities to grow, learn, and live my dream regardless of what is before me,” concludes Healy. “I just hope that I can share my own attitude of gratitude to inspire busy parents, grandparents, teachers, and adults to spend a few quality minutes a day empowering, educating, and inspiring their kids to feel thankful right now, no matter what is going on. I’ve always said, the more you thank, the more there is to thank about each and every day—not just on Thanksgiving.”

# # # About the Author:

MAUREEN HEALY is the founder of Growing Happy Kids, a worldwide organization focused upon fostering happiness in children. Creative Visions Foundation named her a “Creative Activist” and The Simha Foundation distributes her Peace Curriculum for Preschoolers worldwide. Healy draws upon her in-depth experience in Tibetan Buddhism and Psychology to create sayings that help empower, educate, and inspire your child’s best life. She is also a prolific writer, frequent guest speaker, and continues to work directly with children as well as parents.

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