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Sonoma Family Life Magazine

Why Sonoma Family Advertising Works

Mar 11, 2010 12:00AM

4 proven ways to connect with your future customers:

  • Catalog your strengths in Sonoma Family Life magazine, print and digital
  • Connect online at, award winning website
  • Meet and chat at Family Life Events
  • Sponsor the FunBlast Enewsletter: Sonoma County's Weekly Roadmap to Family Fun

Why Does it Work?

The best advice for successful marketing, like any successful communications, is to know your audience. For the best results you'll want to speak the same language, to connect on a meaningful level, and you want to do it when it's convenient for them.

That's why so many have been successful marketing here. Our audience trusts Sonoma Family Life as the #1 resource in Sonoma county for family-friendly activities and content. Since you know the audience it's easy to customize a message that will reach family decision-makers precisely when they're ready to really listen, or even when they're just starting to look. You can catch the attention (no small feat) of interested consumers who are looking for ideas and options with your ideas; your options. If you have what families need, want or buy, whether it's for their children, their home or themselves, they're already looking for you here.

"Although it is often difficult to measure the impact of advertising, we find that when people make a point of telling us they saw our ad, it is usually our Family Life ad. We've advertised with Family Life for years and any time we feel we need to share important health education or simply promote a hospital service, we use Family Life ads as part of our marketing strategy.Thanks for the great work you do!" 

- Jendi Coursey, Mendocino Community Health Clinic

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate your magazine. A great majority of our patients come to us through your magazine. What a great resource you are for young Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma County families. Your layout is easy to read with eye-catching ads." 

- Karen Byron, Office of Rob Oliver, DDS

Don't have an ad ready?

We can create one for you easily, quickly and at no extra cost. Just give us a call at 707-586-9562 to learn more and connect with our seasoned ad reps.