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Sonoma Family Life Magazine

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Dec 08, 2010 12:00AM

Is choosing your Christmas Tree a highlight or headache of the season? Either way, when the kids are clamoring for one you have to make a decision. What drives your choice: the smell of the fresh, the cost of the cut, the convenience of artificial or the thrill of live?

  • Cutting your own Christmas Tree can add a sentimental and outdoor component to the excitement of the season. Most tree farms will assist with cutting and dragging if necessary, but dress in layers and be prepared for a somewhat rugged and festive experience.
  • If you are looking for needles on a pre-cut tree, long or short, check for freshness by rubbing your hand along a branch to see if the needles fall off. The fresher needles will feel pliable and not brittle.
  • Live trees will be your freshest choice but there are many things to consider, variety, size and ultimate purpose, for a start. Will you plant the tree in the near future, or re-use it for the next Christmas?

Once you have chosen your family Christmas Tree be sure to take into consideration the height and width of the tree location in your home. Find a safe spot for your perfect tree. Remember to avoid placing your tree near the fireplace or radiator. It should also be away from furniture and in an area where it will not be brushed past by family members and guests.