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QR Codes

Jun 20, 2011 12:00AM

Quick Connections for Families On-the-Go.

Quick Response (QR) codes are simply a different format for bar codes. While they may look odd to you now soon you’ll see them as an easy way to get clients and customers quick access to you while they are on the go.

Smart phones can ‘scan’ QR codes by simply taking a picture. Readers need to download one of the many free QR scanner apps to allow this process to take place. (We’ve used, which is easy to get and works on most phones. There are many more from which to choose.)

So what’s the point?

Think of all the times you are out living your busy life and see a printed piece with information you really need. You make a mental note to check it out when you’re in front of your computer, or maybe plan to call when you have 5 minutes. Then those 5 minute breaks get lost in the shuffle, along with those mental notes you've collected throughout the day. Your clients and customers are no different! Avoid missing a marketing moment by giving them an immediate connection to you on the spot.

Adding this FREE code to your advertising will point folks to you as long as they have an internet connection, no matter how busy their lives are. They want the ease and speed, and you will reap the benefits! Find a Reader here.