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Back to School: 40 Tips to Make This Year a Success

The first day back to school can be a source of anxiety for both children and parents as they adjust to new routines, new teachers and friends, forthcoming homework assignments and ultimately, tests. Here are 40 ideas to help parents and students kick start the new school year successfully.

  1. Pay closer attention in class.
  2. Listen carefully.
  3. Keep notebooks more organized.
  4. Set up and maintain homework and study routines.
  5. Keep the study area at home organized and efficient.
  6. Stay on schedule for assignments, especially the long-range ones like book reports, term papers, and science projects. Start early, finish early.
  7. Set aside a few minutes a day to read for pleasure.
  8. Exercise your mind with at least one challenging book per semester.
  9. Take a challenging course – upper level math, poetry, history, science, technology.
  10. Learn a new language.
  11. Participate in class regularly.
  12. Take responsibility for learning.
  13. Keep attendance up.
  14. Cut down on recreational “screen time” and increase learning time.
  15. Stop trying to “multi-task” when studying.
  16. Improve social skills.
  17. Exercise more.
  18. Eat healthily.
  19. Behave in class.
  20. Maintain healthy habits.
  21. Keep that temper cool and work on being civil to everyone.
  22. Walk away from bullies.
  23. Don’t be a bully.
  24. Select friends carefully. They should support, encourage, motivate, challenge, and inspire you.
  25. Set aside some time each day to reflect about what you’ve accomplished, whom you’ve helped, what you want to improve.
  26. Keep a journal.
  27. Have a hobby.
  28. Check out extracurricular activities.
  29. Work on the school newspaper, magazine, or yearbook.
  30. Try out for a role in the school play.
  31. Learn about a new sport.
  32. See how many ways you can apply what you’re learning in school to “real life.”
  33. Write a short story, a play, a poem.
  34. Improve technology skills.
  35. Make sure homework and all assignments are neat and organized.
  36. Be punctual for classes and other important appointments.
  37. Disagree without being disagreeable.
  38. Improve spelling.
  39. Start thinking about the “next stage” – high school, college, career, or beyond.
  40. Enjoy the academic journey!

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