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Do You Know How to Celebrate Pi Day?

Mar 07, 2012 12:00AM

Do you know how to celebrate Pi Day?

March 14 is Pi Day the annual observance of the love of math and the mathematical constant Pi, commonly approximated as 3.14.

Here are some tips and they’ll also help get your children interested in math!

  • Make math connections to everyday life. There are many opportunities for children to see the value of math in everyday occurrences. Think of tasks that you do everyday -- rearranging a teenager's room is a lesson in geometry and equally cutting slices of pie can teach fractions. The more parents talk about math while completing these tasks, the more students will realize its importance.
  • Involve your children in real-life family decisions. Encourage them to plan a family activity while remaining within the budget. For example, ask your children to plan a night at the movies or create a budget for the family vacation.
  • Demonstrate your math ability. Think out loud so your child can hear your analytical reasoning. For younger children, count your change or discuss which measuring cup is needed when baking a birthday cake. For older students, calculate discounts when shopping or estimate how much money will be needed to fill up the gas tank.
  • Mathematize career choices. Casually talk about mathematics while highlighting the types of math needed in your children's chosen careers. Video game designers, architects, doctors, football coaches, musicians and chefs apply math skills in their daily work.
  • Praise your children's academic progress. Tell your children you are proud of their math efforts, even when they struggle. When students are confident in their abilities, they enjoy learning. That love of learning in turn leads to a willingness to try new, academic experiences.

Thank you to Sylvan Learning Center for providing these fun and easy tips!