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Educate Yourself about Common Core

Sep 29, 2014 07:37AM

Like many parents, you might be wondering how the Common Core State Standards are impacting your children’s school. Achieve, an education reform nonprofit, has developed the following list of questions to ask educators—and your kids—so you can get the scoop.

What to ask teachers:

  • What are the most important skills my child should master this month/semester/year?
  • Will homework be different? If so, how? What will you do differently in math and English?
  • What will my child be reading? Will writing assignments look different?
  • What sources could we turn to for additional fiction and nonfiction texts to read at home?
  • What resources are available to parents with a child who requires additional help at home or who wants to learn more about a particular topic?

 What to ask children:

  • What did you read today? What particular piece of the text interested or surprised you? Tell me about it. (Connect by relating your own anecdote about the topic.)· What new words did you learn this week? What do they mean? Can you spell them for me?
  • Let me see what your teachers are asking you to write this week. What do you think the purpose of the assignments is? (Follow up and make sure your child is completing the assignments.)
  • Can I see your math homework? Can you do it on your own? Do you need help? (You may not understand the homework yourself, so it’s okay to ask your child’s teacher for help or do your own research.)
  • What do you know about math now that you didn’t when school started? Give me an example of how you would use that knowledge in your everyday life.