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Meet the Verve 2

Let your kids discover the wonder of using a computer to sense and experience the world around them.

Introduce them to VERVE 2, a fun and educational interactive technology toy that is great for demonstrating physical computing to children of all ages. Makers, do-it-yourselfers, gamers, students, and tinkerers will love it, too.

Unlike other interactive technology toys, VERVE 2 is intuitive and requires no programming to set up. With eight different easy-to-use plug and play sensors, it gives users a chance to tap into their computers or the Internet in a new way. Not only can users easily do things such as play favorite games, operate applications, send texts and emails, build a home monitoring system, or collect data on the world around them, they can also turn bananas, apples, or any other fruit into a musical instrument; make a gigantic video-game controller that’s so big you have to step on it to use it; play Angry Birds with an actual slingshot; play Guitar Hero with a two-by-four; and make a burglar alarm that sends users a text when their parents enter their room. With VERVE 2, if your kids can imagine it, they can make it!

You can find more information about VERVE 2 on its website. The initial starter kit is $139. It comes with the main VERVE Hub and a whole lot of sensors, with the option of purchasing additional sensors. Once you try it, you’ll see that it’s the ultimate educational technology toy.