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4 Options to Homeschool in California

Option 1.

The individual home school could qualify as a private school by filing an annual private school affidavit (contact your local district office for forms).

The instructors must be capable of teaching.

The instruction must be in English.

The instruction must be in the several branches of study required in public schools.

Attendance must be kept in a register.

A private school affidavit must be filed with the Superintendent of Public Instruction between Oct. 1 and Oct. 15 of each school year.

Option 2.

Homeschoolers could enroll in a private school satellite program and “homeschool” through that private school. The private school “satellite school program” (PSP) must comply with California Ed. Code. Many homeschool families have organized these private PSPs which enroll anywhere from two to several hundred families.

Option 3.

The home school could have instruction provided by a certified private tutor.

Option 4.

The child could be enrolled in an independent study program at home, using the public school curriculum. Under this option, the child is considered a public school student and has to abide by the rules and policy of the public school.