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Get Friendly with Bay Area Winged Ones

Jan 28, 2015 12:00AM

Photos by David Bogener •

Above Left: Black-headed Grosbeak, Right: Blue Grosbeak

Above Left: Belted Kingfisher, Right: Northern Flicker

Above: California Towhee

Above: Spotted Towhee

Above Left: Dark-eyed Junco, Right: Black-headed Grosbeak

Above: Acorn Woodpecker

Above Left: Stellar's Jay, Right: Pine Siskin

Above: Purple Finch

Above: House Finch

Above: Lesser Goldfinch

Above: Golden-crowned Sparrow

Above: Anna's Hummingbird

Above: Northern Harrier

Above: Oak Titmouse

Above: Green Heron

Above: Hermit Thrush