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Sweet on You

Jan 29, 2017 12:00AM

By Denise Morrison Yearian

February is quite possibly the sweetest month of the year. Following is a confection of crafts to make and share with someone you love.

Lacy Licorice Candy Heart

Items needed: Clear contact paper, red or pink construction paper, ruler, scissors, hole punch, tape, string licorice, small Valentine candy.

Remove backing from contact paper and place construction paper over it, smoothing wrinkles and bubbles. Measure and cut two identical hearts from the contact-construction paper. Place the hearts together, contact paper facing out, and punch holes every ½ inch along the outer rim of the heart, ¼ inch from the edge. Use string licorice to sew the two hearts together, looping each stitch around the outer edge of the heart. If the licorice runs out, tie the loose end to a new piece of string and continue lacing. When you’ve laced nearly the entire heart, stop and fill the interior heart pouch with candy, then finish lacing until you reach your starting point. Tie the two licorice free ends in a knot or bow and trim off excess string.

Candy Necklace

Items needed: Clear plastic wrap, ruler, scissors, red and white peppermint candies (unwrapped), red ribbon.

Measure and cut a 4- by 40-inch piece of plastic wrap. Working from the middle of the plastic toward the outer edge, place unwrapped candy 1 inch apart to form a row that measures approximately 18 inches. Fold plastic around the candy, gently rolling it to create a long strand. Cut ribbon into 3-inch strips and tie between candies. Tie the ends of the plastic wrap together, then snip off excess plastic to create a necklace.

Pop-Up Greeting

Items needed: Construction paper, scissors, cardboard, glue gun (low setting), heart-shaped stencil, pencil, ruler, markers, stickers, glitter, jewels and other embellishments, envelope.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half and then in half again to create a rectangular card. Cut a 5- by ½-inch strip from cardboard then fold back and forth accordion style to create a “spring” for the pop-up card. Glue one end of the strip to the inside of your card. Use a stencil to trace around and cut out a heart then glue it to the other end of the paper spring. Write a greeting on the front and inside of the card and embellish with stickers, glitter, or jewels. Fold the spring down and place it, along with the attached heart, flat against the inside of the card. Close the card and slip it into an envelope. When your recipient opens the card, the design will pop out. 

Denise Morrison Yearian is the former editor of two parenting magazines and the mother of three children and four grandchildren.