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Six Critical Family Concerns

Feb 27, 2017 03:32PM

While families have different traditions in December, they share common concerns this time of year. If your program, product or services can address one of these, or more, now's the time to make that abundantly clear.

1. Fun

  • From an evening of local fun to weekend getaways, dance lessons for two months, or even fun and comfort at home. Parents crave an escape from their worries and want to create lasting memories. And if there's an educational component, that's all the better.

2. Education

  • Can you help parents advance their child's future success? School and after-school programs, summer opportunities, and even local family field trips. In December parents are re-evaluating  learning opportunities. They're wondering if there are better choices out there for their student next month, next semester or next year. Now is a great time to invite them to join you for year end performances, upcoming events, an informative website, or share some helpful information.  After-school programs should view this as a perfect time to suggest lessons as a gift ideas, and to lay the foundation for January sign-ups. The more a prospective family learns about your program the more likely they'll enroll.

3. Relationships

  • December is the prime month to take stock of how things are going in their relationships; spouses, children, teens, friends, extended family, and spiritual relationships. Think broadly about this in terms of what you offer. Can you help improve relationships? Eliminate stress? Save time?

4. Finance

  • If you can offer better value than your competitors, now's the time to make your case clearly. Can you help them save money? Make them more secure?

5. Health

  • Of course parents will be considering their health, and their family's health. And perhaps they'll be making some new year's resolutions.

6. Pride

  • Parents want to feel a sense of pride at what they can offer their family.

Clarify These Benefits

These are six opportunities that you can't afford to miss. How your program, product or service fits in with these concerns tells you what benefits you really offer. These concerns get your marketing message to the heart of the matter-what families want now.-