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Jul 02, 2017 12:00AM

Kids love technology. And augmented reality (AR), with its ability to make 2-D objects into a 3-D experience, is particularly captivating. So why not use AR to help children learn, especially when they are prone to losing newly acquired skills over break? These games keep kids’ brains—and summer play—in full gear.

Cube-tastic! uses an app and a mobile phone or tablet to help anyone learn to “conquer the cube.” After an identical virtual copy is created in the app, kids learn to solve the puzzle with a customized, step-by-step tutorial. 5+, $19.99.

Ocean Pets pairs AR with creativity to turn every space into a virtual aquarium. Children can use the special putty and ocean templates to create their own ocean pets. Then they can scan their creations and watch them move. They’ll learn facts about the sea and its inhabitants, too. 3+, $29.99.

TJ & the Beanstalk 3-D storybooks bring fairytales to life with the help of AR. Kids can interact with the story and become a part of TJ’s adventure. 3+, $14.99.

TJ & his Magical Garden is based on Oscar Wilde’s tale “The Selfish Giant.” With the help of 3-D AR and a compatible device, this story teaches a valuable lesson about sharing with others. 3+, $14.99.

TJ and His Team of Heroes is based on a Japanese folktale about teamwork and friendship. In this AR adventure, children help TJ and his friends protect the village from a wild boar. 3+, $14.99.  

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