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Sonoma Family Life Magazine

Sonoma Family Life January 2020

How to Pick a Private Middle or High School

How to Pick a Private Middle or High School

It’s all about asking the right questions and trusting your gut, says this mom and former educator. Read More » 


Savvy Strategies for Acing Admissions

Savvy Strategies for Acing Admissions 

Is your child trying to get into a dream private school? Read this. Read More » 


Want to Teach Your Kid to Save Theres an App for That

Want to Teach Your Kid to Save? There’s an App for That!

Actually several apps, all created with children’s imaginations in mind. Read More » 


Before You Join a Gym Do This

Before You Join a Gym, Do This

This Ironman athlete-mom says setting specific goals is one of the keys to getting fit. Read More » 


Farewell to Thumb-sucking and Other Old Habits

Farewell to Thumb-sucking (and Other Old Habits)

Want your kid to let go of an unhelpful behavior? Don’t give it your attention. Read More » 


Kale Power

Kale Power

A Hearty Salad for Rainy Days Read More »