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Teens Can Do Crazy Stuff. How Much Is Their Brain to Blame?

Mar 03, 2020 01:19PM
Parents wonder why their teens sometimes take scary risks. The answer may be in their neurology. Longtime teachers Andrea Hagan and Mary Fitch want to help students and parents learn about the adolescent brain and how it affects teens’ behavior. To this end, they are presenting the Care and Feeding of the Amazing Adolescent Brain. At the class, parents and students will be separated into two groups. Parents will learn how to support their kids’ brain development as well as how screen time, sleep deprivation, and drug use affect adolescents. Meanwhile, teens will learn the part their brain plays in how they feel and act. The one-hour class will be held at 6 p.m. at Twin Hills School in Sebastopol; March 12 will be for grades 8–12 and March 26 for grades 5–7. The class is $10 for students, free for adults. Register at