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State Funds Child Care for Essential Workers

Health care providers, grocery stores clerks, postal carriers—all of these roles are essential during the COVID-19 lockdown. But who is taking care of these workers’ kids when school is out and social distancing rules make Grandma and Grandpa off limits? And, what’s more, how can parents who don’t normally budget for daily childcare afford the services that are available? Enter Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent Executive Order, which, through June 30, makes funding for childcare available to essential workers. Parents can apply for it on the website of the Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County, a state-funded agency that operates preschools across the county:  To find child-care providers, call 757-9872 or email [email protected] with “Essential Worker Child Care Referral” in the subject line. Include contact info, employer, children’s ages, and zip code where care is needed.