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Dr. Anthony Lieu Discusses Dental Care During a Pandemic

Family Life: How has COVID-19 changed your protocols for families?
Our practice, Blue Apple Dental Group in Rohnert Park, has always been an early adopter of any technology, equipment, and techniques that improve the patient experience and results. In this current environment, we are maximizing the health and safety of our patients and our team members while also maintaining and broadening our reputation as dental care providers.

We have purchased an air filtration system that destroys airborne viruses and improves the overall air quality in our entire office. We also updated our PPE, which includes but is not limited to head covers, gloves, surgical masks, and face shields.

Using enhanced disinfection and patient care protocols, we allot time for our team to properly treat our patients and disinfect operatories. Patients’ temperatures are checked upon entering the practice and patients perform a peroxide rinse prior to treatment. In addition, our team is required to “spray, wipe, spray” and allow 10 minutes in between patients. Proper scheduling supports these enhanced safety methods.

FL: What can parents expect at your office?
We have always focused on providing personalized and comprehensive treatment. Having fewer patients but doing the optimal amount of dentistry is preferred by our office as well as by most patients. Although our waiting room is temporarily closed, we do allow parents to be in the dental operatory if necessary.
FL: Is there any additional information you would like to add?
The dental world has changed drastically because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will continue to change as we learn more. When new regulations and safety guidelines are announced, we plan to already be in full compliance.
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