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Art with a Heart

Tracy Ferron has a big heart—quite literally. Walk into the artist’s Petaluma gallery and you’ll see a giant, painted papier-mâché winged heart stuck in a spherical, turning cage. The work, called Spellbound, is a symbol for how injustice imprisons the world’s heart. Ferron’s latest project is Unbound, an initiative that aims to hang 1,400 papier-mâché hearts at a Napa psychiatric facility. Local kids involved with ArtStart, a youth arts nonprofit, have already helped to craft some of the hearts needed for the project. And now the public is invited to make even more hearts. Want to help? Go to and schedule a time to make a heart in the gallery’s COVID-safe, socially distanced gallery, which is located in the old Bluestone Main building in downtown Petaluma.