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Nine Pint-Sized Personalities

By Ann Gadd

The Enneagram of Personality consists of nine main personality types with many potential nuances. I believe there is value in helping children explore the differences in the Enneagram types. When this information is presented at their level of comprehension, children are able to develop an appreciation not only for their own gifts, but also for the contributions of the people in their lives. 

To help parents introduce these ideas to their children, I created a series of fun illustrated Enneagram books that help children understand that being different doesn’t mean being wrong, and that there is room for all types in the world. The books present simple but insightful examinations of each of the Enneagram types and their unique path to emotional and mental health.

Percy Perfect—The Enneagram Type One for Kids Percy Perfect wants his house to stay perfectly neat and tidy, but his messy friends have other ideas. Is it worth being perfect if you miss all the fun? 

Hazel Helper—The Enneagram Type Two for Kids Hazel Helper is always busy helping everyone else—but one day she realizes that she needs help too! Hazel learns not just to nurture and be kind to others, but to be kind to herself. 

Sally Star—The Enneagram Type Three for Kids Sally Star loves to be the best at everything. But what happens when the other kids also start excelling? Sally learns that sometimes being kind makes you the real winner. 

Arthur Artsy—The Enneagram Type Four for Kids Arthur Artsy is original and creative, but he often feels sad and misunderstood. Arthur discovers that he doesn’t need to try to be special and unique—like all of us, he already is! 

Sebastian Study—The Enneagram Type Five for Kids Sebastian Study just loves learning new things, but his friends sometimes get in the way. If he stays in his room, he can do his own thing…but is he missing some fun in the park? 

Katy Cautious—The Enneagram Type Six for Kids Katy Cautious is a loyal, responsible friend, but sometimes her fear stops her from having a good time. Katy learns to find the courage to act despite her fear. 

Felix Fun—The Enneagram Type Seven for Kids Felix Fun loves having adventures and is always busy planning the next one. One day Felix gets sick and has to stay in bed—boring! It’s a visit from his friends that makes him feel better. 

Ben Boss—The Enneagram Type Eight for Kids Ben Boss is always in charge in the playground, but when he can’t catch the ball, he starts to cry! His friends already know how brave Ben is—but it takes true strength to also be gentle. 

Posie Peace—The Enneagram Type Nine for Kids Posie Peace doesn’t like to speak out or make a fuss. But when all her friends start fighting, it’s up to her to find her voice and create peace and harmony between the others.  

Excerpted from Better Parenting with the Enneagram by Ann Gadd © 2022 Findhorn Press. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International:

Ann Gadd is a fully accredited Enneagram practitioner (iEQ9 certified), presenter, and professional member of the International Enneagram Association (IEA), holistic therapist, artist, workshop facilitator, and journalist. She is the author of 35 books, including Sex and the Enneagram and an Enneagram kids’ series of books. Ann lives in Cape Town, South Africa.