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Former Analy High Student to Perform at Festival

When the hip-hop artist Tru Lyric was a student at Analy High School in Santa Rosa, he struggled with anxiety and depression. As many artists do, he channeled his experiences into his work, and now, as an adult, has released an ep, Black Kids Like Emo that looks at life through the eyes of his younger self. The songs talk about bullies, exclusion, lost love, and ultimately self-love and acceptance. Tru Lyric is one of several local artists who will be performing at the Rivertown Revival music festival July 23–24 on Steamers Landing in Petaluma. Headliner R&B singer-songwriter Sean Hayes and musicians from a variety of genres—from folk and bluegrass to dream pop, electronica, and even Sinaloan—are part of the lineup. There will be special kids’ activities, too, including viewing and petting animals, dancing to music, playing with water, and engaging in group art. Tickets are $5–$40 and may be purchased at