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9 Family Game Apps

By Tanni Haas

If you’re busy preparing for the holiday season, how about taking a break in the evening to get together with the kids for some relaxing fun? Here’s a list of some great family game apps that’ll keep you entertained for hours at a time. The best thing is that they’re all completely free, so download an app—or three!

Cramble Apple App Store & Google Play. This quiz game uses wacky comparisons between different objects to create intriguing questions. For example, “to match the height of 1 Hubble telescope, how many coconuts would you need to stack up?” Or “how many chickens would you have to pile up to be as tall as 1 Great Pyramid?”

Glow Hockey Apple App Store & Google Play. This easy-to-use hockey app has colorful glow graphics (hence the name) and great sound effects. You can customize the sticks and pucks, and the phone vibrates every time someone scores a goal. You can also play against the app to practice your skills. 

Scrabble GO Apple App Store & Google Play. If you’re itching to play a game of Scrabble but don’t have the board game, no problem; download the app. Play with your family members or, if your spelling skills are a little rusty, play against the app until you feel ready to compete against others. 

Spaceteam Apple App Store & Google Play. This game requires you to work together rather than to compete. Team members have to maneuver a spaceship. Each person has a control panel with buttons, dials, knobs, and switches, and receives commands that must be executed to save the spaceship from crashing. Some of the commands require instruments that are on the other players’ control panels, so you end up shouting commands at each other. No need to explain how much fun that can be!

Truth Or Dare Kids Apple App Store & Google Play. The kids’ version of the classic game has hundreds of fun questions that’ll make you look at each other in a completely new way: “What music are you embarrassed to admit you listen to when you’re alone?” or “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” Fun dares include “attempt to break dance for 30 seconds” and “wrap a player of your choice in toilet paper.” 

What Am I? Riddles and Answers Apple App Store & Google Play. Who doesn’t like a good riddle? This app has lots of them, such as “soft, hairy, from door to door. I’m the pet that always stays on the floor. What am I”?* You can ask for hints if you get stuck and need a gentle push. (*Answer: carpet.)

What Would You Rather? Apple App Store & Google Play. This game will inspire lots of interesting conversations. Players are introduced to thought-provoking scenarios like “would you rather 1) be able to fly anywhere you want, or 2) stop time whenever you want for 10 seconds?” You vote for your favorite option and get to see statistics on how most other people vote.

Yes Or No? Apple App Store & Google Play. Similar to What Would You Choose?, this game will inspire conversations and great stories. It has lots of questions, including “have you ever been lost in the woods?,” “have you ever tried to cut your own hair?,” and “have you ever eaten toothpaste?” This app also tells you how other people vote, so you can decide for yourself whether your family really is as crazy as you think.

4 Pics 1 Word Apple App Store & Google Play. Millions of people are playing this addictive brainteaser game. Four pictures appear on the screen and you have to guess which word describes all four of them. Sound easy? Not so fast! The first levels are simple and straightforward, but the game gets increasingly harder and more fun as you progress. The letters that you need to form the correct answer are scrambled with other letters, so the game also has elements of Word Search. 

Tanni Haas is a college communications professor.