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Sonoma Earth School Camp

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Sonoma Earth School Camp



8:30AM-1:00PM $350 PER WEEK

Our camps are outdoors and active! Expect a hike to the river, shade and sun, daily walks, and an all-around good time! Campers should bring a snack and lunch, dress in layers and plan for adventure!


June 12 - 16

Animal Friends (recommended ages 8-11)
Visit animal friends, find their signs, even learn some of their language! Find a home, follow a trail and uncover a new way of looking at the world around you! We’ll cover diverse terrain, play games to awaken our tracking skills, and deepen our relationship to the animal life of this land. Led by Andrea Brum.

Cantar y Jugar en Español Spanish Language (recommended ages 6-10)
Spend the week immersed in Spanish and nature, singing and playing games. This week will bring traditional Mexican folk songs and games into the festive forest setting! Led by Lupe Dominguez.


June 19 - 23

The Wonderful World of Water (recommended ages 8-11)
Look at those ripples! Why is a wave running upstream? Can you find a frog’s home? Wonder, explore and rollick in water. Led by Andrea Brum.

Tortillas from Corn Spanish Language (recommended ages 6-10)
Corn is an incredible plant with many rich histories. Come immerse yourself in Spanish, sing, and listen to stories as Lupe Dominguez leads you through the tradition of processing corn into fresh, delicious tortillas!

Whittlin’ & Whistlin’ (recommended ages 8-14)
Campers will learn to appropriately gather materials for creating sounds, listen musically, build instruments and develop an improvisational ensemble. Our adventures will take us into the woods, along the river, and into unknown discoveries! Led by Tim Allen.


June 26 - 30

Scrumptious Science (recommended ages 8-12)
Campers will learn to transform plants into delicious bites, salves and more. Experience the wonder and science of caring for ourselves directly from the natural world that surrounds us! Led by Andrea Brum and Jennifer Ilonzeh.

Mexican Crafts Spanish Language (recommended ages 6-10)
Campers will learn to hand make traditional Mexican toys and crafts. Come learn new skills, immerse yourself in Spanish, and go home with some fun crafts! Led by Lupe Dominguez.


July 24 - 28

Viva la Fruta! Spanish Language (recommended ages 6-10)
Each day campers will learn a traditional or creative way to prepare some delicious fruit-based treats! Stay cool, enjoy new flavors and immerse yourself in Spanish! Led by Lupe Dominguez.


July 31 - August 4

Shelter & Fort Building (recommended ages 8-14)
Design and construct your own forest home using only the natural materials around you. Campers will experience the joy and satisfaction of creating their own space, and learn the skills to make it sturdy! Led by Andrea Brum.

Cooking & Singing Spanish Language (recommended ages 6-10)
Close out the summer with Lupe Dominguez, singing songs and cooking up the most delicious smells in the forest!


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