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Out ‘n About Adventures

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Out ‘n About Adventures

Have fun. Challenge yourself. Make friends.

Pitch in. Learn and grow. Make mistakes.

Laugh about it. Help someone. Be curious.

Trust yourself.

Backpacking Camps! (Ages 8-16)

We started in 2019 and are excited to be offering more trips each summer. Our trips are perfect for anyone, with any level of experience, but with enthusiasm, love and respect for the outdoors, and a willingness to push themselves in every way. We will challenge ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, but also plan on scoring high on the fun factor, so will make sure it is a great experience all around.

The exact trails will be determined based on weather, snow, and other conditions. The distance we hike varies with the age group and the terrain. But I always like to have one rest day (or very easy day) so that we have time to relax, swim, play games, and explore our surroundings. And then our last day tends to be the longest with stronger legs, lighter packs, and milkshakes in our near future. We have lots of itineraries to choose from and amazing guides lined up to accompany our trekkers on an adventure to remember.


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