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En Garde Fencing

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En Garde Fencing

917 Piner Rd., Suite D
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

We offer two types of camps through the Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department, both of which are tremendous fun. For the Santa Rosa camps, we usually offer morning and afternoon sessions, with a one hour supervised lunch break in between. Kids can bring a lunch and snacks and stay the whole day, from 9AM to 4PM, or pick one of the two to participate in. Check out the descriptions below!

En Garde Fencing Camps

For hundreds of years fencing has captured the imagination of generation after generation of young people. Who hasn’t imagined themselves with sword in hand, fending off hordes of enemies with a quick and daring blade?

Fencing teaches kids about honor and the value of seeking challenges while they develop coordination, balance, grace and athletic ability. In our camps, even as they play games and exercise, kids grow in strength and skill, which yields confidence, determination and self-discipline. At EGF, we believe that mental and physical development through carefully guided training is key to creating a healthy and balanced life.

En Garde Fencing offers numerous camps during the year, both through the club and through local community centers. Our camps are an excellent and affordable introduction to the exciting sport of fencing.

At Fencing Adventure Camp, students learn the rules of the sport, the amazing history of fencing, and play games that help develop skills learned during footwork and drills. Camps are designed with the beginning fencer in mind, so no prior experience is necessary to fully enjoy them. Fencers ages 7-12 years old are welcome to attend. Equipment is provided free of charge. Bring a bag lunch and dress in tennis shoes and shorts or sweats.

En Garde Sword and Archery Camps

Learn the art of the sword and the bow! Kids train with both foam replicas of swords and shields from the Medieval period, as well as learning the ancient art of archery. Teaching the skills of the knights and warriors of old trains both the body and the mind, which is so vital to the growth of strong young people. Our Sword and Archery camps keep kids active and playing, which is the best way to learn about enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle. Our expert instructors teach the skills of the bow and the sword with games and skill-building exercises. We want to make our camps an experience that your kids will fondly remember for years to come, and an activity that is more convenient to your work schedule, so feel free to contact us for more information.


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