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Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

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Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa

1500 Farmers Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa is an independent, private, college preparatory high school, where we offer an innovative, project-based curriculum in an encouraging learning environment.

Small Class Sizes, Individual Mentoring

With a 12:1 student to teacher ratio, our small class sizes allow students to receive personalized attention from our expert mentors. Each student is empowered and encouraged to follow their own individual interests.

Relevant, Engaging Curriculum

Relevance and engagement drive our curriculum. Gone are the days of students asking why they’re learning this and teachers struggling to provide an answer. All of our courses center around real-world applications of the knowledge students are acquiring, and our school’s flexibility allows students to pursue their personal passions in conjunction with their regular coursework.

Fully Accredited and Aligned to Standards

Accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), the Quest Forward curriculum meets or exceeds all required national and state standards, including Common Core State Standards of English and Mathematics, New Generation Science Standards for Mathematics and Science, and C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards.

Educating the Whole Student

The high school years for a young adult are focused on learning academics, yet building a growth mindset and developing deep character habits significantly contributes to success in life. Quest Forward Academy supports rigorous academics, and also prioritizes the daily development of strong self-management skills, curiosity about the world and other people, grit, resilience, and more.

At Quest Forward Academy, we believe that success in college and the workforce requires more than just academics. That’s why our Essential Habits are a part of every student’s daily work. As habitual behaviors, they position students uniquely to always keep learning, to see challenges as growth opportunities, and to work productively with others.

Located in the heart of Santa Rosa, Quest Forward Academy is easily accessed from locations throughout the North Bay via the SMART train, bus service, and carpools. Doors open at 8 am, a healthy breakfast is served and mentors are available to provide support before classes begin at 9 am.

Quest Forward Academy Santa Rosa is welcoming applicants across all grades 9-12.

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