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Kindkin Collective Summer Camp

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Kindkin Collective Summer Camp

Sebastopol, CA 95473

Summer Camp

An opportunity to engage, socialize, and build community with other young learners in Sebastopol.

KindKin Collective is excited to host 3 full weeks of summer camps! These camps are open to young people from all backgrounds, not just homeschooled youth. Join one week or all three!

July 8–12, 2024
July 22–26, 2024
August 5–9, 2024

Monday–Friday 10am–4pm, optional early drop off


We choose how we want to spend our days together at our morning set-the-day meeting!

Outings may include: Library, Ives Park pool, Museums, bike trail, Super Park, Honeymoon.

Offerings may include: painting, collage, clay, sewing, crochet, music, science, puzzles and games.

Kindkin Collective is a community of homeschooled youth practicing self directed learning together. We believe leaning is natural and happening all the time. We plan and unplan our days together through play and connection with support of a loving community. Camps are open to all learners from all all educational backgrounds.


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