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Redwood Adventure Camp

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Redwood Adventure Camp

63000 Hermitage Rd
Leggett, CA 95585

Adventure Awaits You!

Redwood Adventure Camp

The name Redwood Adventure Camp is a perfect fit for us; the redwood is a part of Camp in many ways. The Camp logo has an image of the redwood on it and the Ranger Award, an emblem of growth at Camp, is in the shape of a redwood tree. The redwood is also a beautiful symbol of nature, strength, California, and longevity and a perfect setting for all the adventures of Camp!

Providing opportunities for leadership development, spiritual and personal growth, environmental stewardship, lifelong friendships, fun and excitement that help individuals navigate life’s challenges and serve the broader community.

Redwood Adventure Camp brings together young people and families from throughout Northern California and beyond providing a unique opportunity for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Campers experience an environment in which traditional values come alive in a positive, natural and fun-filled way. There are no formal religion classes; however, the closeness to nature and a program designed specifically to integrate Christian values into everyday activities support the spiritual growth and maturity of the campers. To enhance the experience, the campers are involved in the planning, preparation and leadership of the morning prayers. Each evening in their family groups they spend time reflecting on the day’s challenges, affirming one another for their accomplishments and closing the day in prayer.

Leadership Development

We believe that each person can positively influence our world. In helping our campers and staff to develop their leadership skills, we use the inspiring example of a young seminarian named Michael: reaching out to others, helping them and using the gifts and talents that God gave him to the best of his ability (click on the link to read his story). Campers and staff alike are challenged to be “Michael-Like” at camp as well as to take this “Michael-like” spirit home with them helping to make our world more loving and life-giving. 

Family Groups and Working Together

Typically, five to ten campers and two counselors form an independent family group for the week. As a group, they plan their daily activities and learn to work in constructive and cooperative ways with others. Group games and activities emphasize supporting one another and teamwork. During Family Camp, the individual family is the primary unit. 

Personal Growth and Challenge

In an atmosphere of trust and choice, campers are able to test potentials and limitations, which in turn develops self-esteem and confidence. Each person is challenged toward full, personal growth and an appreciation of individuality and the joy of sharing in community. Whether it be archery, crafts, horseback riding, hiking on mountain trails, nature and outdoor education or swimming in one of the many swimming holes along the river, campers are encouraged as much as possible, within clear safety guidelines, to make decisions and to be responsible for their successes and failures.

Wilderness Stewardship

Through our Nature Program, activities and traditions campers are taught and modeled a deep respect for the outdoors. We ask campers to respect all life and avoid the unnecessary picking of leaves or killing of bugs. On their overnight they learn how to camp with the Leave-No-Trace wilderness ethic and in Central Camp they learn the names of the local trees and plants and to fall in love with their new outdoor home.

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