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LearningRX Petaluma

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3120 Lakeville Highway, Suite B
Petaluma, California 94954
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Brain training uses fun (but intense!) mental workout sessions to target weak skills.

Did you know that many struggles with thinking, learning, reading, memory, and attention are caused by weak cognitive skills?

At LearningRx, our brain training programs target those very skills. We do it through a series of intense (but fun!) mental exercises that work on the way the brain thinks, learns, reads, and remembers.

Best yet, our clients work one-on-one with their own personal brain trainers. You know those intense, fun mental exercises we just mentioned? As a LearningRx client, you’ll be doing them sitting across a table from your own brain trainer. The face-to-face aspect of our programs takes the training experience to a whole new level, and is a big part of what makes us so unique in the brain training industry.


“LearningRx has given my daughter a whole new outlook. Her whole self-image has changed because she has learned strategies to help her with things she found too challenging in the past. She finally can say from her heart, ‘I can do it.’ LearningRx has been a priceless experience for my daughter. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” Randale and Rhonda, parents of Camellia, age 12.

“For years my family and I have been praying that we would receive a miracle that would change our son’s life. Five years later, we received our miracle when we were introduced to LearningRx. Thank you, LearningRx. This has been the greatest milestone of our lives. We love all of you so much! It just shows that when you have an army of caring people to help, and the right tools, anything is possible!” A mother of a 14-year-old boy.

“Thank you so much for helping us find the bright, smart, funny little boy that we all knew was there.” A., mother of an 11-year-old boy.

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