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Lice Clinics of America

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The mother of four grown children and the grandmother of ten, Darlene has had considerable hands-on experience in dealing with lice.  She has even had it herself a few times. After her youngest granddaughter experienced an infestation in 2012, Darlene began researching to find effective, safe solutions for her family.  As a result of her research, she discovered the AirAllé device and knew she was onto something great!

Shortly after getting involved with Lice Clinics of America in 2014, a girl’s camp in Truckee called Darlene, desperate for help. The girls were heavily infested and it seemed like an impossible task, but Darlene, her manager Sandy, and another technician bravely faced the group, only barely having been trained and certified on the FDA-cleared AirAllé device. Unbelievably, the trio successfully treated over 50 people, leaving the campers (and their parents!) happy and lice and nit free in just a day’s work.

From this moment onward, Darlene knew that she had made the right decision, and immediately began preparations to open her clinic.

“Head lice are not responding to over-the-counter treatment because we have been using the same treatments for more than 30 years and the lice have become immune” says Darlene.  “Parents and children are desperately looking for a safe treatment that actually works, and I have it.” For individuals who are unable to be treated with the AirAllé device or children under the age of four, Darlene and her staff are certified in The Shepherd Method – a strand-by-strand comb out process.

Now prepared to extend their services, Darlene and her team are delighted to be open for business at their center in Petaluma. They look forward to sharing their unique services and expertise with families in all of the North Bay communities.

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