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5435 Snyder Lane
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Scribbles and Giggles

Scribbles and Giggles was established in 1991, but originated in 1986 by Lisa Russell's absolute love for children and a fascination to their art process and its influence on developing their personalities from pre-school to adolescence to early adulthood.

Although the first studio was in Lisa's garage, with just a handful of children to start, it grew almost over night to five days a week, no seats left and a wonderful waiting list! It was about eight years later that Scribbles and Giggles moved to their first "real Studio" in a business park in Rohnert Park! So no longer a one person operation, the hunt began for like minded help who shared the same passion for art, children and our community. The first assistants to guide all the new and excited students were all prior students themselves. The amazing teachers that came aboard were mostly SSU Bachelor of Fine Art graduates, bringing their artistic brilliance to an excited group of children.

The next step was to create a safe and friendly environment for the students to explore and be challenged along their creative journey! The walls began to come alive with amazing murals done by the students and the creative excitement along with students grew to a new high! Summer & Spring Camps, Birthday Parties, and workshops for the young and old were added to entice and enhance the studio experience.

Scribbles and Giggles made another move twelve years later to a "colorful campus" like setting. It consists of three buildings, a garden and play area, all fenced in, located across from Rancho Cotate High School and near by Sonoma State University. It is called The Art Center. Scribbles and Giggles fill the main building and the two smaller buildings are extensions but for the older or more advanced student. They are called Inspire Studio and Mega Moth Studio. Scribbles and Giggles also is thrilled to be involved with our neighbor Cross and Crown Lutheran School as their Fine Art Program, ages Pre-k - 6th grade.We welcome you to come by and tour our artful campus and find out more of what we have to offer!

"My son (7) is very into art and very picky about taking classes. He refused to finish a cartooning class he was once in because 'you just draw what you want, they don't teach you anything.' I have had no such complaints since he's been at Scribbles and Giggles; he looks forward eagerly to every class. Bravo!"

-Jan Smith, parent