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SPOT Social Playgroup Opportunities for Tots

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5150 Snyder Lane
Rohnert Park, California 94928

SPOT promotes a social-emotional and sensory sensitive curriculum that is nurturing and sized to meet the development needs of young children.  SPOT will assist children to stay focused, build critical social and communication skills while helping to direct exuberant energy to achieve deeper play and calmer, more productive behaviors with adults and peers.

Who should be referred to SPOT

Children with unusual or challenging behaviors and unique sensitivities to the environment would be best for enrollment in SPOT. This  includes children who are very active, feisty, anxious, delayed in development, and/or have sensory integration issues. Children coming into a new foster or adoptive placement or who struggle with transitions will find SPOT to be a good match. We are equipped to do daily observations, and  when needed, diagnosis or recommendations, informally or with a formal report.

Children who pose a risk to themselves or others will be required to come with a trained aide with whom we will confer. This could be a relative or even a parent. We will maintain a referral list.

Enrolled children may participate in 1-3 sessions per week.

Our fees are $45 per session of three hours.  Parents or guardians must pay in advance, we prefer a monthly commitment.


  • Sensory Integration
  • Toileting      
  • Social Skills
  • Behavior Redirection
  • Creative arts     
  • Outdoor Play
  • Practice with Transitions  
  • Parent Education with Triple P
  • Yoga for Tots
  • Gluten free Snacks 
  • Limited to 6 children per session   

Additional Services

SPOT offers observations, and assessments that are informal or can be formal reports.   Shoshanna is a licensed clinical child therapist and can complete school or court reports or recommendations for diagnosis. She will work with other preschools in setting plans for changing the environment or creaing behavior plans to help children be more productive.Catherine is available to consult on kindergarten readiness skills and can work on an individual plan to catch children up so they will succeed in the next stage of their education.Nutritionist, Julia is available to consult with you on special diets especially sensitivities to gluten, dairy and nuts.SPOT has a gluten free and peanut free snack offering.  No MSG will be used in snack preparation.

What people say about us

"He has made so much improvement.  Now he has friends", satisfied mom."SPOT is much a unique school.   I wish we had this kind of place when my child was struggling", mother of a school-aged child."Shoshanna gave me hope that my child could advance despite his mild autism.", concerned parent.

Observation Window

Parents/guardians, students or service providers are always welcome to observe our program on the sanctuary side of our two way window. We feature two distinct circle gathering times where we present social- emotional curriculum, tot yoga, creative stories and songs, and gross motor games.

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