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Jeff Speakman Kenpo 5.0

2688 Santa Rosa Avenue, Suite C
Santa Rosa, California 95407

Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo 5.0 North Bay – Martial Arts, located in Santa Rosa and the heart of Sonoma County wine country, offers an exciting and innovative self-defense system style of karate in a fun and safe environment. Change your life by joining a class today!

The real world can be dangerous sometimes. We strive to teach our students how to defend themselves. At JSK North Bay we develop physical skills for self-defense like coordination, speed, power, flexibility, balance and endurance through the practice of forms, self-defense techniques, sets, striking, blocking, kicking, grappling and sparring. We also develop life skills such as confidence, respect, self-esteem and leadership.

We offer classes in Tiny Dragons (age 4), Little Dragons (age 5-6), Kids (age 7-12), Teens (age 13-15) and Adults (16+).

KIDS (4-12) – Watch your child grow, develop and make everlasting friendships where they are encouraged to do well, strive for success, respect their parents, instructors and each other, get good grades and enjoy themselves.

TEENS (13-15) – Help your teen learn effective self-defense applications through a belt-ranking system that teaches respect and discipline. Empower your teen and continue to build his or her self-esteem with a martial art that will positively change his or her life.

ADULTS (16+) – Our program is dedicated to the serious-minded participant dedicated to learning both the physical side of martial arts and the science behind motion and self-defense. The adults get physical but also have a good time!

We also offer CARDIO KICKBOXING for the exercise-minded individual wanting to get fit and work up a sweat (no martial arts experience necessary)!

Click HERE for our class schedule.