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Do you believe it is important to get your kids excited about learning?

As some parents know, it’s not an easy task. Often times kids can get bored with the traditional ways of learning because of the slow pace, and repetitive nature. All parents know that kids have great potential when they put their minds into things, but the question is: how can we tap into that potential?

Kids like things that are exciting to them, like playing and exploring the world around them. If we can connect learning with a more hands-on approach, then we can reach that potential that we all know is there.

At Kidscience we understand the power of hands-on education.

We know that kids learn best by experience and having fun. That’s why at Kidscience we place an emphasis on fun, and let the kids learn at their own pace. By building and launching rockets and catapults, kids learn important science concepts like motion and gravity. Soon they begin to realize that learning and fun don’t haveto be independent from one another.

Come see for yourself by enrolling in one of our after-school classes or summer camps.