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Pivot Charter School

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Pivot Charter School

2999 Cleveland Avenue, Suite D
Santa Rosa, CA 95403


Pivot Charter Schools allows students to access their courses from the comfort of their own home or from our convenient facility. Because our courses are 100% online, students will experience a flexibility that the traditional, structured classroom environment cannot offer. The online curriculum allows teachers to focus on student support one-on-one; all the support students receive is catered to individual needs.

Unique Program Resources for Students

• California credentialed teachers that provide daily oversight, motivation, academic guidance and support

• Resource center classes and tutoring

• 15+ Advanced Placement classes

• Unique electives such as music theory, anthropology, graphic arts, and current events

• Career Technical Education courses

• Early graduation options

• Intervention curriculum to improve basic skills

• Individualized pacing of courses

• Rigorous and standards based curriculum with significant levels of student support and assistance

• Field trips and Fun Fridays

Flexibility to Work Online or at Our Resource Center

It works just like a traditional middle and high school, except that the curriculum is delivered online, so each student can work at their own pace. Students can login and access their courses from home, the public library, or anywhere there is a computer and internet access. Students are assigned to a local credentialed California teacher at the Pivot resource center to help provide daily oversight, motivation, and one-on-one support if needed.

Individualized Curriculum

Pivot is a blend of a unique individualized online curriculum coupled with support and oversight from a credentialed teacher and access to on-site activities and academic support. Because curriculum is self-paced and tailored to each individual student, Pivot provides an exceptional program for students who have struggled with their academics for any reason, or for students who want to “get ahead” and progress at a pace that is more commensurate with their abilities.

Commitment to Student Success

Pivot is committed to the success of every student. Our local teachers work directly with students to help orient them to their online classes and answer questions, as well as provide tutoring, fun classes and school-wide events. Our teachers get to know their students incredibly well and make that personal relationship the foundation for student success.

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