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Shotokan Karate Leadership School

3082 Marlow Road, B1
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Marty Callahan has spent his life understanding and improving the lives of students both young and old. His passion led to the founding of the Academy of Shotokan Karate in Santa Rosa, CA in 1981 with a dream to awaken the extraordinary leader in his students. Having inspired, taught, coached, supported and trained over 7000 students during 30,000 classes in Santa Rosa, Marty has become Sonoma County’s preeminent martial arts leadership instructor. His students, hundreds of whom have gone on to become leaders in their chosen fields, appreciate his engaging, student centered approach to teaching and they believe you will too.

What does our Martial Arts Leadership Program Do?

We awaken the extraordinary leader in children and parents enabling them to transform their lives and the world they live in.  For centuries martial artists have led the communities they lived in during times of peace and defended them in times of war. The defensive training systems were developed long ago, but leadership training was non-existent or provided to only a select few.  In the proprietary Shotokan Karate Martial Arts Leadership Program by Marty Callahan, in Santa Rosa, children and parents are trained not only to defend themselves but also to lead. The principles inherent in martial arts lends itself to teaching Martial Arts Leadership.

What is the benefit of Martial Arts Leadership?

Families face serious problems due to bullying, sexual assault, teen pregnancy, gang activity, drug use, violent crime, mental disorders and school violence. The extent of these problems is seen in the nationwide teen death rate that puts alcohol first, homicide second and suicide third. Why is this happening? Why is the world in such a mess? What’s missing in the lives of so many people that this is who we have become?  The answer: Leadership.  Kids and adults learn how to withstand peer pressure, resolve conflict, create win-win situations for everyone, and get everyone moving in the same direction.

How do we do it?

Social Skills – With a common goal in mind and a positive learning environment, it’s easy to learn to social skills to help children and adults develop lasting relationships.