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Seed Bombs for Planting and Giving

Seed Bombs for Planting and Giving

These recycled paper seed bombs can be rolled into balls or pressed into different shapes. Fill them with your favorite seeds and plant them in your garden.

What you need:

  • Mixing bowl
  • Warm Water—approximately 2 cups for every handful (1 cup) of shredded paper.
  • Seeds—smaller ones like wildflower or herb seeds work best.
  • Shredded paper—newspaper, tissue paper, old junk mail (just don’t use coated/glossy paper).
  • Mesh Strainer or Colander
  • Paper towels or clean sponge
  • Wax paper or Cooling Rack
  • Cookie cutter or silicone treat tray

What to do:

  1. Pour the water in your mixing bowl and add shredded paper. Swirl it around and pull it apart with your hands. Let soak for about twenty minutes. Put your colander into the sink. Bring the mixing bowl to the sink. Grab a handful of the soggy paper out and put it into the strainer. Push the paper mound down into the strainer so the water is almost gone. Using a clean sponge or a few paper towels can help pull more water out.
  2. Put the cookie cutter down and push the paper through the shape until all of the water is gone. If you’d rather use a silicone shaped treat tray, push the wet paper in until it is full and the water is mostly out. Sprinkle the top of the formed paper with another half teaspoon of seeds. Pop out of the mold.
  3. Set aside the seed bomb on wax paper or cooling rack to dry for about 12–24 hours. When it’s dry, you can plant it or package it in different ways to give away. The paper breaks down while the seeds start germinating right inside. Don’t forget to save the information of what type of seeds they are and the growing instructions.