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Painted Rocks Garden Art & Plant Markers

Mar 11, 2016 12:00AM

Painted Rocks Garden Art & Plant Markers

This fun project is a great way to put some colorful art around the yard.  You can also write the names of plants to mark what’s growing.

What you need:

  • Clean small to medium-sized rocks—smooth ones work best
  • Acrylic paint from the craft store—Pick your favorite colors
  • Paint Brushes—1 thin one for details and 1 wider one for all over color
  • Toothpicks—for smaller designs like dots (optional)
  • Water—to rinse your brushes
  • Clear “Outdoor” Spray Sealant—to protect your work from the sun and rain
  • Wax paper—so your rocks won’t stick while drying

What you do:

  1. Choose a design, a word, or a name that you want to paint and what colors. Look at your rock and find the flattest side to paint on.  If you are going to paint the entire rock one color first, do that and set it aside on your wax paper to dry.  Paint your designs or write the words you’ve chosen. Let dry on the wax paper for about one hour.  
  2. Bring your painted rock outside in a dry place and place on an old newspaper or paper bag. Spray the side facing up with the clear sealant and leave it alone for about fifteen minutes. Then, flip over the rock and spray that side with clear sealant. Let stand another fifteen minutes.  
  3. Your rock is ready to use in your garden as a decoration or plant markers. Happy Growing!