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Sonoma Family Life Magazine

Feed the Monsters

By Jemma Westing

You’ll need a huge sheet of cardboard for this project, so you can fill it with lots of hungry monsters. Make sure you also have enough cardboard to make two identical stand pieces, so that your board stays upright when you feed the monsters.

You Will Need

Strong tape, Sticky tape, Paintbrushes, Scissors, Colored paper, Ruler, Paints, Pencil

  1. On a large sheet of cardboard, draw lots of monster faces with wide open mouths and sharp teeth.
  2. Carefully cut out holes where you have drawn the monsters’ mouths. You might want to ask an adult to help.
  3. Make the stand for your board. Take a square piece of cardboard and draw three lines on it as shown above.
  4. Cut along the diagonal line. Then, use your first stand piece as a template to make tabs. Fold the tabs upward.
  5. Score along the horizontal lines on both stand pieces to make tabs. Fold the tabs upward.
  6. Tape the tabs to each side of the board at the back. The diagonal edge of each stand piece should touch the floor.
  7. To make your paper balls, scrunch up colored paper into tight balls and wrap them in sticky tape.
  8. Decorate your board and let the paint dry. Then stand it upright and you’re ready to play!

Images and text of Out of the Box reprinted by permission of DK, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Copyright © 2017 by Jemma Westing.